Welcome to Smarty Prints

You know that one thing your kid can’t stop talking about? For some kids it’s dinosaurs, for others it’s outer space or castles. I founded Smarty Prints to create educational posters that feed curiosity and fuel the imagination. The content of each poster is researched and distilled into beautiful graphics that captivate young minds.

I’m constantly inspired by the world around me and have endless ideas for future posters, but would love any requests or recommendations. What type of poster would your child want on their wall?

Hot Off the Press!

Our latest print series showcases various prints about emotions to help you understand and regulate your feelings.

Shoppers are Raving!

This map is GORGEOUS! We wanted a map that didn’t feel too young for our 10 year old boys but still had great colors and really wonderful details. We’ve been fascinated with how much historical and geographical information is packed in here. Could not recommend enough!


I’m so glad I came across this shop. I spent a decent amount of time looking for a 24x36 alphabet poster for my son’s playroom and I think I found the best one! I love the examples for each letter. I would definitely purchase from this seller again. Thanks!


The Constellation poster is absolutely stunning. It looks and feels so expensive, it’s printed beautifully on a matte textured poster. All illustrative details are visible and vibrantly colored, even against the dark background. I’m really happy with this purchase and the seller was so helpful! I Favorited and will definitely stay tuned on this Shop, and will pass along any customer referrals!


This Periodic table is absolutely beautiful. I searched what seems like the entire web and this is the best looking and comprehensive (for learning) that I found. Thank you!


Quality print, perfect for my 3 year old to study and explore. Also, as a side note, I just appreciate how beautifully it was packaged and protected in transit. It feels good to open a package and you can tell the seller takes great pride in it. Thank you!


Love this map! It is beautiful and full of information. My husband stood looking at it for a full 15 minutes after I hung it up. The perfect map to spark wonder in our homeschool room!