Our Story

Hi, I'm Whitney! One of my favorite parts of parenting is discovering the world through my child’s eyes. As a designer, explorer and mother I want to instill curiosity in engaging ways. I’ve spent my career designing packaging for household name brands, but started Smarty Prints as a way to tap into my inner-child.
Because I'm not alone in wanting children to engage and learn about the world around them, Smarty Prints is here to serve you and your family. Is there a subject your child is obsessed with? Do you have a specific need for your classroom or homeschool? Please reach out on our contact form or at  whitney@smartyprintsshop.com with any ideas or requests you may have.

My Process

I’m constantly inspired by the world around me and have endless ideas for future posters. If anyone knows me, they know that I am a detail-oriented person. The subjects for each print are researched in detail, and I often consult with experts who can provide additional insight. Once a plan has been set, I get to work illustrating and writing the content for the poster. If you or your child have requested a poster, don't be surprised if I reach out for any feedback!

Let's Connect

Connect with Smarty Prints here and on social media to get a sneak peek into new designs, giveaways and discounts. We love to see our prints in your space, when posting on Instagram tag @smartyprints and use the hashtag #smartyprints.

Send Us a Message

Feel free to send us a message here or at whitney@smartyprintsshop.com for any questions, problems or requests you may have.